Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving to Camp 1

The team had their first alpine start Monday morning so that they could begin their ascent to Camp 1. The day began with banging pots and pans and various other methods for waking sleeping climbers out of their warm down bags at 2:00 am.  After making a cold and groggy trek to the dining tent, they were greeted with hot drinks, maple walnut oatmeal, cinnamon French toast and crème, and crispy bacon to get their day started off right.  Everyone finalized their packing and excitedly headed for the Khumbu Ice Fall with glowing headlamps, but only after stopping by the Alpine Ascents Puja.  The Sherpa lit a fire made from Juniper, producing smoke which cleanses the climbers as they pass by.   Each climber stops to throw three small handfuls of rice as an offering to Everest for a safe passage through the mountains before heading off.  Their headlamps slowly glided between boulders and ice seracs to the start of the ice fall.  From Base Camp, we were able to follow their path through the clear night as they climbed towards their new camp.  Everyone made it to camp in good form and will spend the rest of the day enjoying hot drinks and rest. 


The team spent most of the day today relaxing in Camp 1.  They took a small acclimatization hike up the Western Cwm and filled the remainder of the day with more eating, reading and lounging. 

We took advantage of our free time here in Base Camp to actually get out of camp for the first time in over a week!!  We ventured off toward Pumori Camp 1 which sits northwest of Everest Base Camp at 18,500 feet and gives spectacular views of the Khumbu Ice Fall and the surrounding mountains.  The trail was lined with lovely little boulder that we were able to scramble up.  Climbers always need to get their fix J 


Signing off from Everest Base Camp,


Jenny and Joe