Monday, April 9, 2012

Khumjung to Deboche

Our hike from Kumjung to Deboche was accompanied by lots of sunshine and good spirits.  Before arriving at Deboche, our final destination for the day, we stopped at a monastery in Tengboche, where some of the group members stayed for a ceremony conducted by the monks.  The team was especially excited to stop at a bakery just outside the monastery walls, where we all enjoyed the best baked goods of the trip.  Fresh baked banana bread, rum chocolate cake, and apple pie were among the favorites.  Those who attended the ceremony at the monastery ditched their shoes at the door and sat back as the monks lit incense and chanted in unison, surrounded by elaborately decorated statues and vibrantly colorful wall paintings.  From there we hiked down to our cozy tea house for the night where we had dinner, played card games, and as always, enjoyed plenty of hot drinks.