Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life at Alpine Ascents Everest Base Camp

It's another beautiful sunny day here in Base Camp. This is our last full
day of rest and relaxation before we depart on our 2nd rotation. Climbers
have been enjoying a variety of activities around Camp. Reading in our
Mountain Hardware Space Station is always popular. The 800 square foot dome
is carpeted, decked out with lounge pillows, and boasts wonderful views of
the surrounding mountains. Joe caught Marc utilizing the space for some
Yoga and stretching this morning as he went to take pictures for the
Cybercast. Others opt for a friendly game of cards in our heated dinning
tent and there is nothing like a good game of Ping Pong on these calm
windless days! Even with all these great ways to pass the time, the most
popular activity seems to be an afternoon nap in the heat of these lovely
sunny days.
After a hard day of reading, card playing, Yoga, pong and resting it is
important to fuel up with some good food. Our chief, Jenny, prepared another
delicious Sushi dinner last night and followed it up with some home made
brownies for dessert. To wind down after a hard days rest we watched Casino
Royal on the big screen set up in our social tent. Everyone is doing great
& we are looking forward to our climb up tomorrow morning on our second
rotation, hopefully in a few days to reach Camp 3.