Monday, May 21, 2012

Team back to Base Camp

The entire team is safely back in Base Camp. It almost feels like summer here and people are sunning out on the rocks, enjoying cool beverages, and reminiscing about the climb.

We would like to congratulate Alpine Ascents Guide Eric Murphy who summited Lhotse yesterday at 3:41pm. We would also like to congratulate Jim Matter on his Everest effort. Jim reached the Hillary Step before impending frost bite to his fingers forced him to turn back to the South Col. The Hillary Step is a section of technical climbing only 200 feet below the summit at an altitude of 28,870 feet. That is more than 600 feet higher than any other mountain in the world and is certainly an amazing achievement! He was able to avoid frost bite to his fingers and has fully recovered.

A few of our team members will be departing on Helicopters early tomorrow morning and the rest will be walking back to Lukla through the rich oxygen and forested trails of the lower Khumbu Valley.