Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everest Summit Fixing

It continued to be a beautiful day here on Everest.  Camp 3 sits at 23,000 feet, higher than any mountain outside of Asia!  Surprisingly, even at such great elevation, the chief hardship of the afternoon was escaping from the heat.  The winds were completely calm all afternoon and it can really heat up with the sun reflecting off all sides of the Western Cwm.

Lakpa Rita has been coordinating Summit fixing for all teams on the mountain.  Lakpa’s brother and Assistant Sirdar Kami Rita is on the fixing team and just called in saying the lines are fixed to the Balcony.  All the ropes, ice screws and pickets are in place at the Balconey to complete the Summit Fixing. This means Everest should see its first summit of the season tomorrow and that the path will be laid for our climbers to make their push on Saturday night!

The weather forecast is looking favorable for our summit push and we look forward to following our team up to the top of the world.

Standing by at Base Camp,