Saturday, May 19, 2012

South Summit

The Team has made the South Summit at 28,700 feet!! They are reporting some good winds up there, but they pressed on through the night and have made great time. Daylight is just arriving as they break for food and water before traversing to the Hillary Step and then on to the Summit. They are only a 300 vertical feet from the Summit, but the traverse and climbing the Hillary Step will still take up to a few more hours.

Here is a picture of Everest's South East Ridge from the summit of Lhotse. You can see the Triangular Face on the lower third of the mountain, followed by the South East Ridge leading up to the South Summit, and finally the traverse to the Hillary Step and the Summit. Many thanks to Michael Horst for the great picture from last years Everest Lhotse link-up and a huge congratulations to Ben Jones who reached the summit of Lhotse at 11:11am yesterday morning!